About The Book

The book is an affirmation book that has helped me be able to express myself fully for the first time in 38 years.

As I was went through a spiritual shift within my life, I now see the beauty in all things. Through writing this book I started to find the peace that I was searching for. I wanted to be able relate to people that are depressed or lonely and hopefully reach out to them to allow them to see that they have the answer to their questions deep within themselves. The more they believe, trust and see their self worth, the more they realise all that they have to be is Me, Myself and I.

boy-girlSo you can pick an affirmation daily, but opening the book at any page or you can start from the first page and do it over a year.

By the end of it, you will step into the love, power and wisdom that is within you.

Reclaim yourself by just being Me, Myself and I.

‘From first breath to last breath, it is you and only you who is with you.
So start to live your life, by living the true life of Me, Myself and I.’

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