Nick Bibes

Nick Bibes

All my life I have felt different to the world I lived in. I lost my voice as I always had issues with self-doubt, anger, hatred and depression. I became so lost with all my addictions – drinking, gambling and eating, that I was running further away from myself. It came to a point in my late 30’s where I had to make a choice – to stay in this world or end it.

I decided that I wanted to live. The search for love, peace and happiness then began and that’s when I put myself first for the first time in my life. I started to put everyone’s expectations aside and I started to live the life I wanted.

So my spiritual journey began but like in the physical, I found that after a few years in the spiritual, I also lost. I went from one isolation to another and because I still wasn’t fulfilled with my life, I had to make it one world. The more I went within myself, the more the barriers that I had placed around me, started to fall. As each day, month and year goes by, I get closer to living the life of freedom of myself and the world around me. I now am a man of love with an open heart, a soul who whispers love to all and have regained my power of just being Me, Myself and I again.

little boy‘You are the best teacher. You have lived it and conquered each experience in your life.’

‘You are never alone, you always have Me, Myself and I.’

‘Lets make one world – hand to hand, heart to heart, soul to soul.’

Nicolas Awakening Me, Myself and I.