This is my story – the story of a man who lost his soul, who has risen from the depths of depression, loneliness, anger and self-hatred of himself and the world around him, who has now found love, peace and happiness in himself and the world him.

I was lost in the physical world, where I went on a spiritual journey to find myself. I started to break down the barriers that I had placed in front of my heart and soul. As I slowly loved myself again, the barriers began to crumble and my world began to be a world in which I wanted to live in – a world where all I had to do was be Me, Myself and I.

pirateOnce I stopped living by the expectations of others and the world around me, the more I stared to live in a world of peace, love and happiness.

Through my own darkness, I was led to my greatest light – the light that shines deep into every one of us.

This is the light of an open heart and the soul that loves you, me and the world around us.

‘Through the eyes of my soul, I see the true beauty of my heart, which opens to the pure love of Me, Myself and I.’

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